Construction began in the summer of 2000. This was a package purchased from Asperline Log Homes. I never realized how many parts go into a house until the five trucks arrived and unloaded everything that we would need to build the house. The cellar was done at that time and the real work was about to begin. We started by getting the deck ready and getting the logs stacked in rows. Each log was numbered but not always in the same bundle.


We had a great work out moving the logs around several times before we ever got started. We had to know where every electric box was going to be wired. All the holes for wiring had to be drilled as we went along, no second chances. We knew where the kitchen was going but not how it was to be laid out. I had to take some wild guesses about electric plugs and lighting but everything seemed to have turned out pretty well.


All the decks were extended an extra 2 feet wide which was a wise decision and gave us a lot more working space for the rest of the construction. The decks are a pleasant way to spend an evening on Pine Creek and that extra room really compliments the cabin. The swing on the porch is where I like to spend my time reading and watching the birds. We try to keep the deer out of the flowers but that is a hard battle to win. We could use your help.


The kitchen is made of hickory so we followed that same scheme and installed hickory hardwood floors throughout the kitchen and great room. The upstairs bedrooms are pine flooring and the basement level is carpeted. All the interior walls are sanded smooth and treated with Woodguard interior finish. We purchased every kind of sander imaginable and burned out several. Just didn't realize how much wood was in a wood house until we started sanding.


All the furniture was purchased new. Three queen sized beds and one double bed were bought for the bedrooms. We can sleep eight quite comfortably. Bedding is supplied with two changes for each bed. A washer and dryer have been installed for those who can find the time to keep up with themselves. The kitchen is fully furnished and includes pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and coffee pot. A central vacuum is located on the main floor.


The upstairs bedrooms each have there own toilet and lavatory. The upstairs bathroom has a full tub and shower and lavatory. The bathroom on the main floor has a Jacuzzi tub, toilet, and lavatory. The basement level has a sink with sprayer attachment if you slept in and got locked out of all the baths. 

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